TOPTUXEDO, a history of generations

Founded in 2008, it was born from a dream come true in 1882 that has been growing from generation to generation.

Our operation in the textile industry is focused on international markets.

Our know-how in technical clothing that comes from learning and experience gained, inspired us to be and give our best.

We produce for brands such as Helly Hansen, Craft, Patagonia, Peak Performance, Mammut, Abeko, Chevalier, Lightning Bolt, Burberry, Grundens, Stormline, Paul Smith, 66N, Margareth Howell, Cofish, Nudie, Stuterheim, Boris Bidjan, Elkline, Purdey, Oxbow, Pykrs, Richard James, among others.

We are a family company that is proud to produce in Portugal.

Mission, Vision and Values


Toptuxedo is a company based on the dedication of the best development and confectioning conditions to its customers focused on excellence and aiming to satisfy their needs at competitive prices in the market.


We aim to be recognized as the ideal partner for fashion brands seeking quality, reliability and innovation. As a service-oriented organisation, we are distinguished by a hands-on experience-based approach inspired by customer passion and product performance.


Our values define the way we operate and are the foundation of our success. - Quality; - Ethics - Rigour - Organisation; - Innovation; - Resilience; - Competitiveness.


New Zealand
United Kingdom

Quality Policy

TopTuxedo's main objective in the field of quality is to create and provide high quality and competitive products/services that meet customer requirements and expectations and provide an improvement in the company's financial situation.


To achieve this objective, a quality policy was created that brings together the main guidelines and priorities for
management and development of the company:

  • Maintain and increase the list of clients by satisfying their needs and requirements;
  • Comply with applicable regulatory and legal requirements;
  • Create and maintain partnership, mutual benefit and lasting relationships with stakeholders;
  • Reduce costs/expenses and process execution time due to the efficient use of resources, keeping processes in a
    controlled state;
  • Improve organizational skills and ensure the development of employees’ skills for Continuous Improvement;
  • Establishing and ensuring internal rules and procedures and clarifying the roles and responsibilities of employees for the
    processes functioned as a harmonious body;


The TopTuxedo Management, adopting the company’s quality policy, expects that all provisions of this policy are perceived
by each employee as a basis for further development and strengthening of the company’s leadership positions in the textile industry.

Management is committed to ensuring that all necessary actions are taken to develop and improve the effectiveness of the
company’s processes.

Supplier Evaluation Criteria

TopTuxedo evaluates the performance of our suppliers according to the following criteria


Compliance with requirements (Relation between No. of non-compliance and No. of supplies)


Compliance with delivery deadlines (Relation between No. of non-compliance with delivery deadlines and No. of supplies)


Evidence of Conformity (Ex: technical sheets and Oeko-tex, technical assistance sheets)

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