The  store "Toptuxedo" respects the privacy of all users on this website and is committed to protect the personal information that each user decides to share. Some sections and/or some functions on this website can be navigated without the use of any personal information from the user.


When necessary the collection of personal information to service delivery, the use of such information shall be made in compliance with applicable legislation on personal data protection, in order to be ensured the confidentiality and security of the provided information.


Providing personal information is optional and will be guaranteed under the law, the right of access, rectification and cancellation of any information provided, may that right be exercised in person or by writing directly to the address on the homepage of the website.


The authority for the collection and processing of personal information is Toptuxedo. The information shared by users will be subject to automatic process and will appear in the information base of the Toptuxedo.


Within the customer data management, the information collected will be transferred to third parties, transport companies, with the exclusive purpose of realization and full implementation of the services or products purchased by the user, holder of personal data.