Tailores is our DNA!
Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Uncle and Father, a family of tailors, who passed from generation to generation, the taste for making quality.

 Although we do not produce "tuxedos", but rather, technical clothing for workers and leisure, we understand that the concept and the quality of our pieces, are the same as a tuxedo. so the concept, and registration of the mark TOPTUXEDO.

Toptuxedo was created in 2008, although our know-how in technical clothing, is already for many years.

In the last 38 years, our specialty and technique in making rainwear, either with seams welded by high frequency or waterproofed seams, has made us gain international status, and produce various models such as: Workwear, Police, Army, Sports, Outdoor and leisure.

In traditional sewing, we produce shorts, trousers, sweaters and parkas.

It is true that our know-how comes from the learning and experience we have acquired over the years in which we produce for brands; Helly Hansen, Hein Gericke, Craft, Patagonia, Peak Performamnce, Mammut, Abeko, Chevalier, Lightning Bolt, Burberry, Grundens, Stormline, Paul Smith, 66N, Margareth Howell, Cofish, Nudies, Stutterheim, 11 by Boris Bidjan, Elkline and many others.

TopTuxedo is a family business, which is proud to produce in Portugal.

We are 45 people, always working with passion and commitment, to satisfy the most technical needs of our clients in 5 continents.